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Our Mission


Building today a sustainable future for all.

Determination is our path.
Helping positively to transform everyday life in the communities.
Raising awareness and encouraging people to make better choices.
Pursuing the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.
Helping those in need in difficult times.
Respecting #food, #people and the #planet

Missão Continente is made by all of us, every day.

The "Missão” in numbers In 2020, we acted on several fronts…

Mobilising the country to fight against Covid-19

"Don’t Give Up"

630.000€ raised
150 tonnes food products donated
Portuguese Red Cross
Emergency Food Network

"All for All"

1,2M€ raised
150 tonnes food products donated
Portuguese Red Cross
Emergency Food Network
Audiovisual Union
50 shelter structures for domestic violence and human trafficking victims supported with food and hygiene products
In association with the Secretary of State of Citizenship and Equality
+150 entities (City Councils, Civil Protection, Firefighters, etc.), homeless people and the elderly supported with food and hygiene products
28 hospital entities supported with food and hygiene products and personal protective equipment

Donating surplus food from our stores

  • 10,9 M€ for 1.170 social support institutions and animal welfare associations
  • 2,9 M€ in food products made available in the social areas of Continente’s stores and warehouses

Contributing to raise awareness with the Missão Continente School Programme

  • 333 Basic Schools enrolled
  • 31.406 students participating
  • 1.873 teachers involved
333 Basic Schools enrolled
1.873 teachers involved
31.406 students participating

Supporting 267 local initiatives with more than 380.000€

Launching collection of goods
and voucher campaigns

  • 140 tonnes of food products collected for Food Bank Against Hunger
  • 350 tonnes of animal products collected for Animalife

We are driven by our commitments

Missão Continente remains committed to its goals towards a balanced society and a sustainable future.
Encourage a healthy diet and lifestyle while raising awareness for sustainable and responsible consumption.
Stimulate and support social impact projects that can transform and improve the living conditions of the most vulnerable.
Work closely with the communities, help them grow, be more sustainable, and capable of addressing social and environmental challenges.
Reduce food waste throughout the entire value chain.
Develop and implement measures for a more responsible use of plastic.
Apply efficient resource management, promote the circular economy and increase awareness of best environmental practices.